This is adapted from an Indiegogo update for supporters of Kathy’s film, “The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship”. Please tell your friends about this film!

In honor of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d take an opportunity to celebrate our short documentary film, “The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship”, from its all-female angle. It is the story of six women — who met as young girls — and navigated all the twists and turns typically thrown a woman’s way as they managed to deepen and strengthen bonds that would last a lifetime.

Four of the stars of “The Sexy Six” (front row), with the director, Kathy Drasky (back left) and Executive Producer, Viki Forrest (back right). Norwalk, CT, 2019.

Not only was the…

Filmmaker Kathy Drasky teams up with music mixmaster John Greasy to take the pulse of a complicated nation on the eve of the 2020 presidential election.

“Keep Calm and Carry Guns.” Norwalk, CT, 2017. Photo by Kathy Drasky.

Documentary filmmaker Kathy Drasky has made several road trips in the four years since America’s last presidential election. Her photos and videos record the pulse of a conflicted nation, from carnivals to rallies to open roads and motel room TVs. Set to the music of Detroit mixmaster and visionary John Greasy, the “VOTE” message is clear. This is the America we live in today. Will your vote change what our country looks like tomorrow?

An electronic press kit for a new short documentary by Kathy Drasky

SHORT DOCUMENTARY, directed by Kathy Drasky: Digital format (mp4). Runtime 36:34

TAGLINE: They met as young girls in the 1940s. They stayed friends their whole lives.

DESCRIPTION: Helen, Ida, Jeanne, Marcia, Matty and Phyllis.

“The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship” chronicles the story of six friends, the daughters of factory workers, who grew up in the Whistleville section of South Norwalk, CT, graduated from Norwalk High (Class of 1951) and followed a common trajectory — career girls, wives, motherhood — while maintaining a friendship that…

A local-born filmmaker’s project tells a captivating local tale

Compiled by Candi Sterling, Librarian

Five of the six friends having fun at Calf Pasture Beach in 1951. Photo courtesy of Jean Rogowski Drasky.

This May, the Norwalk History Room is thrilled to contribute several historical photos to an upcoming film project titled, “The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship.” The short documentary, created by fourth-generation Norwalker Kathy Drasky, tells the story of six women from the “Whistleville” neighborhood in South Norwalk.

The tale takes us back to the 1930s and 1940s, to the then predominantly Hungarian and Italian section of the city, then travels with the friends as they maintain close ties.

With Norwalk as the place that…

Documentaries about mothers. Documentaries about daughters. Documentaries about mothers and daughters. And documentaries about mothers made by daughters.

The filmmaker Kathy Drasky and her mom. Photo courtesy of Jean Rogowski Drasky.

Full disclosure: I’m about to promote a short documentary I am finishing up and ask you to visit my Indiegogo page. But not until I recommend some other documentaries about mothers and daughters I think you’ll enjoy.

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind (2020). I haven’t seen this yet (it premieres on HBO tonight), but I can’t wait. Who didn’t love the glamorous Natalie Wood and her films of the mid-20th century? Who hasn’t mourned her tragic death by drowning in 1981? And…

“Uncle Frank’s House: An American Dream”, a documentary featuring people and locations of Detroit’s East Side, can be viewed on Vimeo for free this month. The film has an original music score by local performer John Greasy.

Filmmaker Kathy Drasky went looking for her great uncle’s house in northeast Detroit. As she says in the trailer to her award-winning short documentary, “Uncle Frank’s House: An American Dream”, she found “so much more.”

Starting March 13, the film, which premiered at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema on 8 Mile Road in October 2018 and has spent the time since garnering awards…

It will do us all a world of good to take a 48-hour break from Facebook, starting roughly from sometime on Monday, December 9 through about the same time on Wednesday, December 11. It’s a way to show a little solidarity around the site’s continued commitment to intentionally post false political advertising. What you can do — even if you are not participating in the #Facebookblackout:

  1. Don’t click on any advertising. Even if it’s something you can’t live without, you probably can.
  2. Share only news that you have a) personally read and b) understand is from a real news organization…

Greetings from San Francisco, where we’ve just celebrated the longest day of the year. Summer here means colder weather, fog horns and one of coolest film festivals around — the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) where Uncle Frank’s House: An American Dream will make its West Coast big screen premiere on July 21 at the Little Roxie!

The 13th annual San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) runs from July 17–21 at two venues: Piano Fight and the Roxie Theater.

We will be part of a Bay Area Filmmakers presentation at 12:30, which is really exciting because it means our documentary film will screen alongside films from other genres. Knowing the kind of talent that comes out of San Francisco, Oakland and…

I’ve been trying to find a way to write to all of you who have been a part of my various film and photo projects over the past few years. As we’ve worked together creating, producing, supporting and promoting some exciting content, we have become what I like to call a “film family”. Having recently completed my second short documentary film and started a third, my film families are growing. Many of you begin to know (or know about) one another and I wanted to create a way to keep us all in touch.

A few of our very large and all-in Detroit film family at the premiere of “Uncle Frank’s House: An American Dream”. The film premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema on Oct. 17, and was followed by very fun (and filling) after-party catered by the Two-Way Inn, Detroit’s oldest bar.

“Uncle Frank’s House: An American Dream”, a documentary featuring people and locations of Detroit’s East Side, to make big screen debut at Bel Air Luxury Cinema on October 17. Soundtrack by local recording artist John Greasy.

Come celebrate revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods at a movie premiere fundraiser on October 17 to support the work of Restore Northeast Detroit (NED).

Newly restored Bel Air Luxury Cinema at 10100 East 8 Mile Road will host the event from 6pm to 8pm. A donation of $20 benefiting Restore NED includes a first look at award-winning filmmaker Kathy Drasky’s short documentary “Uncle Frank’s House: An…

Kathy Drasky

Kathy Drasky is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer. She lives in San Francisco.

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